Drone Building & Structural Inspection Services in Western Massachusetts

Many leaders in the construction industry are finding that our drone and UAV services can play a vital role in their work. Used for surveying, monitoring job-sites to ensure safety and security, aerial overviews of completed projects for client presentation and approval, as well as the inspection of bridges and other difficult to access structures; drones and UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the construction industry.

Drones are a valuable tool for inspections because they provide a safe and effective method to gather high-definition imagery of roofs and other areas where damage may occur. Keep your staff out of harm's way; avoid the dangerous, or inaccessible areas. Let Web-tactics collect the data for you. Reduce the risk of accidents by using our pilots to go beyond visual imaging.

Site surveillance: Monitoring large construction sites can be challenging. Safety issues, security, and progress can all be observed in real-time with drone services. Site progress photography from unique aerial angles provide a greater sense of scale than possible from ground based photography.

Using drone inspection solutions provides the following benefits:

  • Inspection of areas difficult to reach
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Access to areas that pose health and safety risks to humans
  • Fast response times
  • Quick on-site deployment of inspection systems
  • Reduced downtime

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