Drone Commercial & Residential Roof & Chimney Inspection

Use a UAV Pilot to inspect a high roof, chimney, gutter, or other structure which is difficult to reach.

Using our UAV technology, we can safely deliver HD digital photograph and close up video of the entire roof area, and envelope of a building.

At Web-tactics we can do routine inspections, or investigate a rooftop on request.

Fast response times, and emergency call outs.

With high resolution still shots we can then zoom and investigate in fine detail.

In addition, walking on your roof area to inspect it can be dangerous. It can loosen the delicate shingles risking damages. Our UAV eliminates this risk and potential hazard.

The UAV has a HD camera and can track and monitor your aging roof for problem areas such as water pooling, cracks, decay, and defects,. The UAV can record video and photograph the vents, drains, downspouts and gutters for proper water drainage.

Inspect your buildings the wise way! No need for noisy motorized lifts with fumes or expensive scaffolds.

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