Drone Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey and Inspection Services

Your Best Tool For Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Thermal allows you to spot problems before they become serious. With our aerial drone roof inspection service there is no need to take the risk to have a contractor or employee climb on your roof. We can get a detailed roof inspection from the ground flying our high end roof inspection drones.

In most industries, inspections are done visually – in the visible light spectrum. Flight Evolved has taken inspection and analysis to the next level – infrared light spectrum, aka drone thermal imaging. Thermal imaging broadcasts part of the light spectrum beyond what the human eye can see.

Drone Thermal Imaging is a great preventative maintenance tool. It can detect weak spots in structures, anomalies in components, overloaded electrical components, and many more. Prevention can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail.

Because drones can reach great heights and cover vast areas, they save money. Even for routine inspections, such as lines and transformers, drones help crews spot problems early without the need to spend time climbing or in buckets. Thermal imaging can detect leaks and current disparities in solar panel fields. No longer must a utility wait for a system failure to be reported, pinpointed and corrected.

  • Find areas of heat loss, missing insulation, and other damage
  • See water damage not visible with the naked eye
  • Get imagery beyond the visual spectrum, a whole new vantage point using Infrared Spectrum

Web-tactics' simplify thermal inspection and give a live display of color temperatures superimposed onto the actual image.

They identify the heat losses in buildings which are highlighted with the color red and generate a precise scan of surfaces and materials. Our FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot then collects key information to carry out their diagnosis. We'll provide live streaming and recording of both the visual and thermal images on our tablet, which is connected to our Thermal Drone Controller. In addition, images viewed during the assignment can be saved for future reference.


Get an overview of the thermal envelope of a building at a glance

With Web-tactics' Thermal Imaging Drone Service, it is possible to safely identify thermal irregularities on the envelope of a building. It is even possible to analyze inaccessible areas with ease.


  • Visual photo and video streaming and recording
  • Thermal image photo capture and live video streaming
  • Switch between visual camera and thermal camera at any time
  • 3 color pallets available to serve different use cases: Standard, Dynamic and Hotspot

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